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Your struggles don’t own you. Your fears don’t own you. Society don’t own you. It’s YOU who decides your fate, and it’s time to take charge of your self-worth, well-being, & freedom.

Have You Been in the Rock and a Hard Place?

Rebuild Your Life

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Rebirth Your Dreams

Have you been struggling to find your own identity too? Is your self-confidence so shaken that you have no idea how to even react to compliments? Do you feel insignificant and lost? Like no one understands or loves you genuinely? Then, you are one of us.

This book is a page turner

Shameika H.

"A MUST read memoir"

Devon W.

"I can overcome anything"

Denise L.

Finding Triumph After Trauma

This is a real-life inspired story of a certified professional life coach in Tampa, Florida, Ashley Hicks, a small-town black girl who faced the idiocracies of life head-on. Once a runaway child, Ashley had to learn to unlearn a lot of things from her past to become the success that she is today. Rebirth allows women of every age to relate, reflect, & redirect their lives the way that they always wanted to. 

About Coach Ashley Hicks

Ashley is a wife, a mother, a friend, and a certified transformational life coach in Tampa, Florida. But, most importantly, she is a self-made woman who decided to choose her own path in life. Her life’s story, with all her secrets, failures, and struggles as a young black girl, has been captured in her first book, “Rebirth: Finding Triumph Over Trauma.”

All Things Made New

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